Below the Border #5

This week in Below the Border I’m going to be taking you slightly further north than my usual haunts, to Newcastle, where I’ll introduce you to four piece Tomahawks for Targets.

They are a relatively new band, having been together only around a year, yet they’ve already released two EPs, the first of which was released only in November 2010. As individuals however they are far from green. Bassist Ross Harley played in Yourcodenameis:Milo once upon a time, and the others have been in and out of various Newcastle outfits or working as session musicians for years, which is probably why they already sound confident as a band.

‘The Total Collapse Of It All’, which features a scribbled picture of Maggie Thatcher on the cover (I guess we know where they stand politically), is an engrossing chunk of off-kilter indie rock.
T4T - The Total Collapse of It All
I’ve got a soft spot for any band that likes to play around with weird timings, and T4T (their abbreviation, not mine) do just that, playing layered synth poly rhythms over tight compound timed beats. They describe themselves as ‘jigsaw pop’ on their Facebook page, which I quite like. All the pieces are different shapes, and putting them together can take a lot of effort, but they fit together to create a beautiful picture.

The title track is one of the more conventional tracks of the EP, featuring a Foals-esque chorus that reminds me of ‘Spanish Sahara’.

Now, only six months later, they’ve released a second EP. ‘More of the Savage’ is more of the same but with a bit more, and that’s no bad thing. The sound is more polished and the songs sprinkled with sections that take you by surprise. From the sudden heavy riffage in ‘This Colony’ to the choral vocals in the otherwise tension filled ‘Panic’, this EP is filled with creative songwriting.

I thought that video was really bad until I got to the end, and then I loved it.

They’ll be playing at the Evolution Weekender this Friday, headlining one of the Evolution Emerging gigs in the Cumberland Arms, Newcastle, which is free to enter. Their EPs are both free as well, available at the band’s Bandcamp.

Tomahawks for Targets: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTubeFacebook

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  • Hamish  On 25 May at 22:25

    Quite like that Soundcloud track. Although the whole math rock style is in danger of being seriously overdone. It’s getting close to Libertines proportions.

  • Jonathan  On 2 June at 21:42

    I like saying ‘jigsaw pop’.

  • Anonymous  On 8 June at 11:23

    Hands off ‘Jigsaw Pop’, Jonathan. It’s exclusively ours!😉
    Thanks for taking the time to listen.
    Math Rock???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!???????? We’re more grammar rock.


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